Nerds and newbies

Secure access

Worried that network snoops are monitoring your network traffic to see what people and organizations you're complaining about? When you use the encrypted interface to Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator (the default for all modern browsers), only the server name ( is visible to an observer. The form contents and even the fact that you visited the complaint-letter generator page are hidden from view.

Facts and figures

How many words and phrases does the complaint-letter generator know? A summary of the text in the program's database is available online.

How popular is the complaint-letter generator? A complaint-letter generator usage graph shows the number of unique users (actually, IP addresses), unique victims, and total complaints generated per day over the past few months.

Paranoiac corner

The letters produced by Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator are neither:

So you can go back to sleep now.

For the humor-impaired

Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator is intended to be funny. But just in case you don't get the joke:

I am not responsible for the use or abuse of the automatic complaint-letter generator. I am not liable to you or anyone else for damages, including any general, special, incidental, or consequential damages arising out of the use of the program. Use at your own risk.

The fact that I have to include the above text is a sad comment on our society.