Awards received by the automatic complaint-letter generator

Of course, all of these awards are prestigious. The guys who gave them to me told me so themselves.

In chronological order...

*** Point Top 5% *** The complaint-letter generator was rated among the top 5% of all sites on the Internet by Point Communications. (Look under Survey / Arts & Entertainment / Humor.) Thanks to everyone who voted for it!

*** S.O.S. Award *** Help! Help! This site's going down!

*** Crappy Site of the Day *** "The Pistol" tells me not to be offended; it's an honor to be awarded "Crappy Site of the Day."

*** Cool Site of the Day *** The complaint-letter generator was the "Categorically Cool: Bizarre" site for Feburary 15, 1996.

*** Wicked Cool Site of the Week *** What? You didn't recognize my site? Well, it's a good thing there's a site out there that goes around recognizing sites for you.

*** KNOB Award *** Given that the complaint-letter generator doesn't take a unique approach at WWW layout and design, it must have received a KNOB Award for being really bizarre, unexpected or silly. Do you think?

*** BrainFry Award *** The complaint-letter generator is featured on the Tangled Web's "Hot Links" page as a site worthy of notice for its humorous nature. So in case you didn't notice that it was humorous (and, believe me, some people don't)...

*** Reviewed by Magellan *** They came, they saw, they reviewed.

*** Puppy's Pick *** Is the complaint-letter generator the bee's knees? The cat's pajamas? No, but it's the Puppy's Pick.

*** Excellence in Oddity Award *** Is the complaint-letter generator really among the first to win this award? How odd.

*** Golden Cow with Her Chin Up Award *** A golden cow with her chin up recently awarded the complaint-letter generator the "Golden Cow with Her Chin Up" award. What did you expect? A Nobel Prize?

*** X-Links Top Ten List *** And the seventh weirdest, most annoying, or hardest to find page for the month of June, 1996 is...the complaint-letter generator! Whoopee!

*** Best of Campus *** Of the 99.3 gazillion Web pages at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (yes, there are exactly that many), the complaint-letter generator is the absolute best. Not bad, eh?

*** Durrant Was Here *** Mr. Durrant and his friends traipsed through the complaint-letter generator page. I hope they wiped their feet first.

*** Reviewed by Net Surf *** Look! The complaint-letter generator received one those little "I was reviewed by Net Surf" icons that everyone seems to like so much. Since that's HotWired's way of saying "You rule!", I guess I must.

*** Reviewed by 24/7/Surf *** Since creating the complaint-letter generator, I keep finding myself surrounded by sexy women, like the one in this 24/7/Surf graphic. But then I usually wake up.

*** 2E Seal of Approval *** The complaint-letter generator bears the 2E seal of approval, so it must be good. If not, you can take it up with Twoey.

*** Cruel Site of the Day *** If you think the complaint-letter generator is cruel now, just wait until I add the "yank legs off spiders" and "tie cans to puppies' tails" features....

*** We Rock *** I'm glad that the complaint-letter generator is on the "This Rocks" side of the "Things that ROCK!/Things that SUCK!" page. It would be hard to brandish a "We suck" logo with as much pride.

*** Wonder of the Web *** Move over, Colossus of Rhodes. So long, Hanging Gardens of Babylon. The complaint-letter generator is one of the 200+ Wonders of the Web. You can't say that about the Great Pyramid of Giza, can you?

*** Earwig Hyperlynx *** Yes, even earwigs occasionally need to complain. (You know -- "Those darn humans keep squishing my buddies," and bug stuff like that.) However, in this case, the Earwig in question is the top online music source for modern/alternative rock news, interviews, games, polls, record reviews and more. Darned if I knew why that would need to complain.

*** Monitor's Site of the Day *** Monitor Magazine named the complaint-letter generator their Site of the Day (23 April 1997). At least, I think that's what the page says. It's in Hebrew, and I know only enough Hebrew to translate the title as "[some word I don't know] of the day." So let's all pretend it's "Site of the Day;" it'll make me feel good.

*** Top Five Humor Site List *** The complaint-letter generator is not only one of this week's top five humor sites, but it was one of the top five humor sites the first week the Top Five list existed. Think of all the bonus points that's worth!

*** Weird Wild Web *** Wow! Witness that the complaint-letter generator won the Weird Wild Web award, which, while wonderful, will wear out whatever's left of my "W" key. What a waste! Wouldn't we want the World Wide Web awards we win to watch what keys they weaken? Well, I would, anyway.

*** What's Funny? *** You want to know what's funny on the Internet? I'll tell you what's funny on the Internet. The automatic complaint-letter generator, that's what!

*** SP Humor Award *** According to SP (no relation to me, even though everyone in my family bears the initials "SP"), this award, unlike many others on the web, is not that easy to win. I had to...ummm...check my e-mail to to win it. That notwithstanding, the automatic complaint-letter generator is one of the best humor-related whatsits on the Web today.

*** Geek of the Week *** Doogle and Dave, a pair of urbanite stick figures, have dubbed me their Geek of the Week for my work on the automatic complaint-letter generator. I can't tell you how honored I feel.

*** Lockergnome *** The lockergnome hid a copy of the automatic complaint-letter generator in its GnomeFun folder. Look for it in the 30 April 1998 issue.

*** Password Pick *** The Password felt the automatic complaint-letter generator is so good, they linked to it from their Internet Time Wasters magazine (look under "Love or hate letters"). Of course, no one would waste too much time playing with the complaint-letter generator, would they?

*** Humor at the Mining Co. *** Humor at the Mining Co. has declared the automatic complaint-letter generator one of the best new links of the week and has enshrined a link to it in its Email Laughs and Greeting Cards - Humor - Net Links section for time immemorial. Technically, this link does not count as an "award", since they didn't give me a cool icon to put on this page, but since I was able to steal some graphic I found on their site, we'll let this one go, okay?

*** Wurst of the Web *** The automatic complaint-letter generator is the proud recipient of the "Gripes of Wrath" award. Hot diggity dog!

*** Link of the Day *** If you were subscribed to Link of the Day on 30 July 1998, you would have received mail telling you about the automatic complaint-letter generator. If not, you missed it -- go hang your head in shame.

*** Tanzio's Best of the Web *** Tanzio considers the automatic complaint-letter generator an "exxxxxcellent" site and a "Tanzio Favorite Pick". Of course, I'm not going to argue with someone who makes such a flashy award graphic available on her page.

*** Official Web Weirdness Weird Site *** Because the automatic complaint-letter generator is clearly one of the most "weird, bizarre, strange, odd and unusual web sites on the Internet," RandysWeb had no choice but to award it a RandysWeb Official Weird Site Award. And to think how many people see absolutely nothing unusual about those complaint letters...

*** Reviewed by The Mouthpiece *** On 3 December 1998, The Mouthpiece, which reviews and reports on some of the funniest sites on the Internet, reviewed and reported on the automatic complaint-letter generator. On 26 January 1999 -- several Internet years later -- they sent out a reminder. This implies either that they really like my program or that their subscribers lack any sort of long-term memory.

*** Linky & Dinky Certified Cool Site *** Linky & Dinky love me! At least, they love the automatic complaint-letter generator. At least, either Linky or Dinky loves the automatic complaint-letter generator. At least, I assume that either Linky or Dinky must love the automatic complaint-letter generator, as they e-mailed its URL to their subscribers...or so they claim.

*** Holy Web Site *** The Co-Rulers of the World have established the automatic complaint-letter generator as a Holy Website. So if you're a member of THE TRUE RELIGION, you might want to consider bowing down before my sacred site.

*** ! *** As the automatic complaint-letter generator is one of the few remaining Web sites that actually contains text, added it to their list of Word Sites on the Net.

*** *** Seeking a joke? How about an automatic complaint-letter generator? If you look under Home / Jokes / Insults, you can find my program. And if you want to share your opinions about the automatic complaint-letter generator with the world, you can even rate this site there.

USA Today Award The automatic complaint-letter generator is hot, hot, hot! USA Today chose my program as one of their Hot Sites for 24 August 1999.

*** Sonomo Co. Obfuscation Award *** The automatic complaint-letter generator has succeeded in utter metagrobolization -- whatever that means. Well, at least my little adumbration has managed to becloud Sonomo Co.'s panel of judges enough to be granted their Award for Obfuscation.

*** Lep's Kawaii Award *** While Lep's Kawaii Award is most definitely not the most prized of Web-site awards, the automatic complaint-letter generator is at least cool enough to receive the little badge-type picture you see here.

*** The Big Eye *** The BIG EYE last saw the automatic complaint-letter generator in its funny stuff center. Be on the lookout for it there!

*** Here on the Web *** Hey, I can't find the automatic complaint-letter generator....I must have put it down someplace....It's gotta be around here somewhere....Oh, there it is; it's right Here on the Web.

*** Hot Links *** The automatic complaint-letter generator is one hot link. Don't burn yourself!

Not an Idiot *** It's nice knowing that I'm not an idiot for creating the automatic complaint-letter generator. I wonder if the guys know that I'm also the author of How to Keep an Idiot Busy For Hours.

*** Monty Likes It *** Apparently, Monty likes the automatic complaint-letter generator. I wonder how many words he actually understands, though....

*** Spiky's Link of the Day *** Even spiky-haired dragons need to complain from time to time, as evidenced by the automatic complaint-letter generator being named Spiky's Link of the Day on 27 August 2004.

*** Irieman's Cool Link of the Week *** Irieman & friends' Cool Link of the Week goes only to those Web sites that are "entertaining, informative, or just interesting". (What? You didn't know the automatic complaint-letter generator is "informative"?) In addition, by putting Irieman & friends' medallion on my site, I am indicating to the world my overall coolness. I'm so cool!

*** Jim Jacka's Website of the Week *** On his radio program, Jim Jacka named the automatic complaint-letter generator his Website of the Week for the week of 17 April 2006 (WHTT 104.1 FM, Buffalo, New York). Some of the sites Jim Jacka promotes are practical and useful while others are better suited for pure enjoyment. Clearly, the automatic complaint-letter generator matches both criteria.

*** Sympatico MSN Site of the Day *** Because the automatic complaint-letter generator is amusing, interesting, or groundbreaking in its use of the Web (maybe all of the above, eh?), it was named Site of the Day by the Sympatico MSN High Speed Zone (16 June 2006).

*** Davis Freeberg's Site Of The Week #13
*** The automatic complaint-letter generator won Davis Freeberg's Site Of The Week #13 (17 May 2007) because Davis Freeberg found the complaint generator to be very entertaining, even if I could not understand half of what it randomly writes.

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